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Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Gin (70cl 44%)

A silky, creamy taste with aromatic complexities. Made using French wholegrain wheat and subtle botanicals.

Botanicals: Juniper ~ Almond ~ Orris Root ~ Fennel Seeds ~ Aniseed ~ Orange Peel ~ Cardamom ~ Violet Root ~ Lemon Peel ~ Coriander ~ Cubeb Berries ~ Cassia ~ Liquorice ~ Nutmeg ~ Angelica ~ Cumin ~ Cinnamon


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Product Description

Citadelle Gin (70cl, 40%). From France. First of all, a delicate and fragrant nose of fresh flowers including jasmine, honeysuckle and cinnamon. After a few moments, stronger more herbaceous aromas develop in a most remarkable way. Therefore, think star anise, grains of paradise and cinnamon.

As a result, the appetising bouquet is reminiscent of gardens in springtime. On the palate, juniper gives way to fresh flowers. Consequently an elegant and highly refined French Gin.

Perfect Serve: Indian Tonic, ice, lime and cinnamon

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Citadelle Gin

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