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Ramsbury Gin

Ramsbury Gin from Wiltshire (70cl 40%)

Unique, balanced, fruity and sweet with a floral tone.

Disclosed Botanicals: Salisbury Plain Juniper ~ Quince


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Product Description

Ramsbury Gin (70cl, 40%).  Produced just outside the village of Ramsbury in Wiltshire.

Each year a single field is selected for harvest. This supplies the distillery with enough wheat for a full year’s production. Grown in an ancient landscape recognised as an agricultural centre dating back to Neolithic times. Ramsbury pride themselves on knowing they use the highest quality English wheat. Distilled, filtered and blended with water from the ancient aquifer. Therefore creating a spirit with a distinctly English accent.

A combination of flavours harmoniously balanced and blended together. 40% ABV gives the spirit an intense smoothness. Certainly, a unique gin that stands apart from the more classic brands. Consequently, balanced, fruity and sweet with a floral tone.

Perfect Serve: Light Tonic and ice with either apple or pear

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Ramsbury Gin

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