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Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin (50cl 44.8%)

A uniquely aromatic silky-smooth gin

Botanicals: Juniper ~ Lemon ~ Tilia Flowers ~ Lavender ~ Mulberries


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Product Description

Pothecary Gin (50cl 44.8%) . Created by two friends with a passion for organic produce and a good G&T! Distilling each botanical separately means optimum quality. Above all, amazing aromas and flavours. An exciting gin. Likewise, well balanced and refreshingly individual. A true labour of love.

British blended small batch gin. The botanical elements are distilled separately then blended together. Consequently, a uniquely aromatic silky-smooth gin. Individually filled, corked and sealed by hand.

Perfect Serve: Fever Tree Indian Tonic, ice and either grapefruit, lemon zest or lime

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Pothecary Gin

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