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Hooting Owl Signature Gin

Hooting Owl Signature Gin (70cl, 42%)

Top-quality, hand-crafted gin from The Hooting Owl Distillery in the Yorkshire Wolds

Juniper, citrus, sweetness and spice all feature in this rich, aromatic spirit

A smooth classic gin


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Product Description

Hooting Owl Signature Gin (70cl, 42%). From The Hooting Owl Distillery based in the historic village of Barmby Moor in the Yorkshire Wolds. Taking inspiration and flavours from around the Yorkshire region to create a top-quality range of hand-crafted, small batch spirits.

As one would expect, the taste explosion of Hooting Owl’s Signature Gin starts with juniper. Subsequently, citrus notes of bitter orange and grapefruit. Also, earthiness from mountain ash and sweetness from liquorice and cassia bark. This Signature Gin is finished with spicy notes of cubeb and grains of paradise. As a result, a rich, aromatic, very smooth classic gin.

Perfect Serve: Premium Indian Tonic with ice and a slice of red grapefruit or orange


Hooting Owl Signature Gin