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Mermaid Miniature Gift Set Pack

Mermaid Miniature Gift Pack

From Isle of Wight Distillery

This Mermaid trio is small but perfectly formed!

Contains 1 x 5 cl of each of the following:

Mermaid Gin (42%), Mermaid Salt Vodka (40%), Mermaid Pink Gin (38%)


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Product Description

Mermaid Miniature Gift Pack. (3 x 5cl). From the Isle of Wight Distillery. It’s said the best things come in small packages. The Mermaid trio is small but perfectly formed!

Contains 1 x 5cl of each of the following:

Mermaid Gin (42%): An infusion of carefully selected locally sourced botanicals. These include hand-picked rock samphire from the chalk cliffs of the Isle of Wight. In addition, Boadicea hops grown on the southern side of the Island.

Also, English coriander seeds, fresh lemon zest, angelica root, elderflower and liquorice root. Likewise, grains of paradise, orris root and juniper berries all give this truly refreshing gin its unique great taste. Consequently, a refreshing smooth and slightly sweet peppery gin with hints of citrus.

Salt Vodka: (40%). Inspired by the Isle of Wights fresh sea air. Shot through with a pinch of locally sourced sea salt. Enhancing its smoothness and accentuating its subtle flavour, like the gentle kiss of a mermaid. Breathe in the fresh sea air and savour a hint of the ocean on your lips.

Mermaid Pink Gin (38%): Infuses the flavour and aromatics of Island strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of the award-winning Mermaid Gin. A blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire.


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Mermaid Miniature Gift Set Pack

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