The Blowing Stone. Inspired by the rich local heritage surrounding the distillery in the village of Compton, West Berkshire. Celebrating the profound impact of this early medieval period on the course of England’s history

Setting out to ‘distil history.’ Bringing the events of 9th century Wessex to life through both the design of the spirit bottles and the flavour profiles.

The bottle is designed to be reminiscent of a typical middle-ages drinking vessel. Embellished with an intricate hand-drawn Anglo Saxon inspired artwork. Subtly conveying the date of the Battle of Ashdown (look closely!).

Lovingly crafted using carefully selected botanicals. Following extensive research of the period, they have selected fruits, herbs and some more unusual ingredients which would have been growing wild or readily available at the time of King Alfred the Great’s reign.

Using a three-part process to capture and balance these flavours. Combining traditional batch pot distillation methods of steeping and infusion. Also, the careful blending of a fragrant botanical tea.