Manchester Gin. It began with three words: What you drinking? Jen replied gin and tonic. On that cold, wet February evening in Manchester, Seb and Jen talked for hours about their hopes and dreams. About travelling, food, and of course, their mutual love of gin.

Two years later, ready to open their own bar, Jen and Seb discovered small-batch gin distillation which ignited the spark that is now Manchester Gin. From their dining room, Seb and Jen started distilling gin 60 litres at a time. Hoping to make 800 bottles a year, they distilled through the night and bottled, labelled and sold by day.

They went on to make 25,000 bottles from their dining room, which won a Gold at the Spirit Masters for micro-distillery. Now, just three years later, the Spirit of Manchester Distillery is a state-of-the-art distillery capable of producing a million bottles a year.