Broads Gin. The inspiration for their gin dates back to the 17th Century. Merchants navigated the broads and rivers in wherry boats to transport exotic goods from the east. From spices to cloth, large wherry boats sailed across Norfolk to its fine city to bring this new world to market.

Today the Norfolk Broads has become a waterway system for boat enthusiasts and tourists. Navigating and enjoying its 125 miles of rivers and 60+ broads ever since. Known as the UK’s largest wetland. Charities have created fantastic conservation projects, helping to protect the rare species found living in its nature reserves, such as the Swallowtail butterfly and Norfolk Hawker dragonfly.

During Spring 2020, when the world stood still, walking and exercise became an escape. Walks along the open broads and the charming rivers gave an opportunity to discover Norfolk in all of its fine natural beauty.