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Zeiver Gin

Zeiver Gin (70cl 47%).

A Gin Unique.

This gin breaks all the rules. Whether it’s your first bottle or your fiftieth, Zeiver will change the way you see gin.

Zero conventional botanicals except for juniper. Unique botanicals include Peach, Pistachio, Aloe Vera and more!


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Zeiver Gin. A Gin Unique. ( 70cl, 47%)

A creative collaboration with an Oxford PHD Biochemist.

Dr. John Walters obtained his Doctorate in Biochemistry whilst at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Subsequently, he founded and is the master distiller of the English Spirit Distillery.

Above all, inspired by Japanese spirits. Polished rice is deliberately chosen for its ultra-smooth pallet. This bespoke base rice is sourced from Niigata Prefecture, Japan. World renowned for taste and quality.

When it comes to high-quality gin, water is a crucial factor. Therefore, Zeiver use only the best water. Filtered through reverse osmosis, which is 3x purer than Evian water. Botanicals include peach, pistachio, aloe vera, apple and juniper berries. Also cherry, lime, macadamia and grapefruit.

In conclusion, pure, straightforward, and sincere. It’s the guiding principle for all they do.

Perfect Serve: Fever Tree Indian Tonic with ice and either a slice of apple or grapefruit

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Zeiver Gin

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