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Spire Gin

Spire Gin (70cl 37.5%)

Inspired by Constables water meadows and the fabulous Salisbury Cathedral.

Made in small batches, using only fresh locally grown herbs

No flavourings or essences. A light, fresh, citrus flavour.


Product Description

Spire Gin ( 70cl, 37.5%). From Wessex Spirits. Above all, beautiful handcrafted, herb infused gin.

Inspired by Constables water meadows. Likewise, the fabulous Salisbury Cathedral. As a result, a gin created for Salisbury.

In Kate’s search for locally sourced, fresh herbs of the highest quality, she found Alex. Head chef and chocolatier based in Salisbury. Kate was drawn to a shared ethos of the importance of local produce for local people. Also the interesting botanicals and unusual flavours used in his handcrafted chocolates.

Made in small batches, using only fresh locally grown herbs. No flavourings or essences. Consequently a light, fresh, citrus flavour.

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Spire Gin

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