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Dockyard Gin Trio Gift Set

Dockyard Gin Gift Set from the Copper Rivet Distillery in Kent.

A gorgeous gift set containing 3 x 5cl miniatures

Chatham Dry, Kent Strawberry and Oak aged Damson.


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Product Description

Dockyard Gin Trio Gift Set from the Copper Rivet Distillery in Kent. 3 x 5cl miniature

Kent Strawberry Gin

Nothing evokes the summer quite like strawberries and cream. Copper Rivet distill their very own alcohol from wheat, barley and rye, grown especially for them on local farms. They gain a rich creamy smooth base before gently distilling the carefully balanced gin. Kentish Strawberries from the Garden of England do their work to infuse flavour and colour.

Chatham Dry Gin

Crafted through a unique hand-made copper still called Janet. Also, infused with only the finest botanicals sourced from across the globe. Dry, with subtle citrus hints and spicy aromatic flavours. As a result, this gin steers tradition into unexpected waters.

Oak aged Damson Gin

Firstly, a special gin is distilled with the harvested damsons’ peeps and skin. After that, the juice is rested with the gin in Virgin American Oak barrels. They patiently wait to bottle this delicious Damson Gin when the time is right.

No artificial colourings or flavourings. Also, no added sugar. Just 100% natural.

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Dockyard Gin Trio Gift Set

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