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Cotswolds Dry Gin

Cotswolds Dry Gin (70cl 46%)

A classic juniper-led gin with 9 added botanicals. Crisp citrus and aromatic spice flavours

Botanicals: Cotswolds Lavender ~ Bay Leaf ~ Lime ~ Black Pepper ~ Juniper ~ Angelica ~ Cardamom ~ Coriander ~ Grapefruit


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Product Description

Cotswolds Dry Gin. A delectable blend of nine carefully considered botanicals. Juniper, coriander seed and angelica root. Macerated for 15 hours to extract as much flavour as possible. Also locally-grown lavender and the zest of fresh pink grapefruits and limes. The final additions are bay leaves, cardamom seeds and black peppercorns. As a result, a classic well-balanced juniper-led gin with crisp citrus and aromatic spice. Delicious on its own and over ice. Robust enough to stand up to tonic and smooth enough to craft the ultimate gin martini. The essential oils from the botanicals will come through when ice or tonic is added. Therefore creating a pearlescent haze and bringing out the citrus notes in the gin.

Perfect Serve: Fever Tree Indian Tonic with ice and grapefruit



Cotswolds Dry Gin

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