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Moon Cherry Gin

Cherry Moon Gin (50cl, 44%)

Premium Gin from Belgium

A sweet and cherry driven gin.

A subtle touch of cinnamon and licorice infused with rose petals

Also, Lunar rock makes it unique in taste and experience


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Product Description

Cherry Moon Gin (50cl, 44%). Made in Belgium. A sweet and cherry driven gin. Also, a subtle touch of cinnamon and licorice, infused with rose petals. Lunar rock is added to the botanicals.

A more fruity touch on original Moon gin

Belgian Premium Gin by Matthew Van Noten & Tommy De Mulder. Created on a hot summer night in 2016. Drinking Gin & Tonic under the night sky. A full moon influencing their brainstorming. Subsequently, Moon Gin was born.

Afterwards, buying a piece of moon meteorite at auction. Now used in distillation. Consequently, the Gin really touches the moon! The reason for this? When out for dinner they always ordered Moon Gin, except for Matthews girlfriend. She always looked for Pink Gins. Therefore, Cherry Moon was created.

Perfect Serve: : Premium Indian Tonic with ice and rose petals.

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Moon Cherry Gin

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