We have a new Gin, and trust us, you are going to love it!

Mary Rose Gin is the flagship spirit from the HMS Spirits Company. It respectfully admires the tradition of a well-balanced juniper heavy Premium London Dry Gin whilst adding subtle notes of grapefruit that bring it to life at the front of the palate and rosemary for a soft finish.

It’s carefully distilled in small batches in a copper pot-still and retains a higher essential oil content than most gins which gives it a richness and ensures it’s smooth on the palate.

We think it goes well with a sprig of rosemary and slice of pink grapefruit but as it says on the bottle – ‘Chart your own course’



Next up is the letter I!

Puerto de INDIAS Gin!

Ok, so we’ve cheated slightly on this one, but it’s too good to miss out!

This premium Strawberry Gin is produced in one of the oldest distilleries of Andalusia, located in the town of Carmona in the province of Seville. With a translucent, light pink appearance, Port of India Strawberry Premium Gin has a soft touch of liquorice and a sweet, wild flavour of strawberry and juniper. Delicious!