This week we bring you the letter C!  Conker Spirit.

The Dorset Dry is a classic gin thats true to juniper.

The subtle incorporation of the Dorset notes of marsh samphire, elderberries and handpicked New Forest gorse brings bright and refreshing lighter notes to Conker. This all means you will be surprised to find yourself happily sipping Conker straight over ice giving you sweet, sour, bitter and dry all in one delicious package taking you on a fantastic journey.

Mix at your leisure but this gin can definitely hold its own.

A-Z OF GIN! Each Monday we are bringing you the next letter in our Gin alphabet!

Next up is B and we bring you Bluebottle Gin!

Blue Bottle is the epitome of a boutique distilled Gin. Each batch is meticulously crafted in a copper still at the Three Fingers Distillery on Guernsey. Blue Bottle gin has a unique combination of botanicals scrupulously selected to create a delectable treat.

Traditional juniper is here but doesn’t dominate. Astute drinkers will appreciate the tropical scent of local gorse flowers, be cosseted by the sweetness of nutmeg and luxuriate in a hint of cubeb pepper.