Sipsmith. The tale begins with two childhood friends, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall. Both had a life-long affection for things well made…and Martinis. Before long, they had been introduced to renowned drinks aficionado Jared Brown at a Negroni party. Before the evening was out he was ready to join them on their mission to create the world’s best London Dry Gin.

The Three Musketeers shared the same vision. To create an uncompromising London Dry Gin. The way it used to be made, the way it should be made. Patience was key when mastering their craftsmanship, as well as a healthy dose of hard graft and a distinctive flair. On the 14th March 2009, the final recipe was made with their first still, Prudence. ‘Sipsmith’ the gin and the brand was born, inspired by the smithery you can savour with every sip.