Some years ago a chance conversation between two friends Charles and Richard led to growing fruit in the wonderful fields of Herefordshire.

With cherry and apple orchards thriving and blueberries and strawberries planted they decided to put their name to a product that is farm-made, hand created and rich in provenance.

For the longest time, they had been gin lovers, the perfect way to unwind after a long day in the fields and one day they just asked themselves… why not? As lifelong friends, they had always plotted and planned and soon realised they had the perfect answer. Their wives Sally and Kate soon realised this was more than a mid-life crisis and joined the team!

Their vision was to create small batch, artisan, copper distilled spirits using orchard and farm botanicals, grain spirit and their own natural water.

For two years Penrhos researched and tested countless recipes on their one litre still. Instantly becoming very popular and never short of volunteers to taste their gin! With recipes complete they purchased a 150-litre copper still and converted a 250-year-old former cow shed into the distillery. Penrhos Spirits was born and so the adventure began.