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Maidstone Distillery

Maidstone Distillery. George Bishop: a native of Maidstone. A young man when the final Gin Act was introduced. A keen businessman and distinguished distiller. In 1774 he travelled to Holland to learn the art of distilling gin. Returning to England, he strived to set up the industry in his home town. Producing spirit of the highest quality. Despite the changing laws he personally lobbied government. Arguing it should be produced in a controlled and regulated manner. Also that a quality UK product would prevent smuggling. An Act of parliament decreed George Bishop could distill Maidstone gin without paying certain duties.

Maidstone Distillery has been lovingly restored. Set in a beautiful building, the local community can learn about their rich legacy. Consequently people can see the spirits being made first hand. Certainly experiencing the art of distilling in a fun and exciting way.


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