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Half Hitch Gin

Half Hitch Gin is named after the strong rope knot used to moor up barges along Camden Lock during the industrial era. To this day, you can still see the rope marks etched into the stone walls and wrought iron bridges by Camden Lock.

In 1869 Camden Lock was at the heart of London’s gin distilling. The warehousing and its footprint stretched 20 acres from the Lock to the Roundhouse. An express train exported its gin daily around the world. Faint memories now only exist in the form of street names such as ‘Juniper Crescent’.

Whilst the former distillery and warehouse buildings remain, they have since changed use. Therefore those who walk on its surrounding cobble stones are blissfully unaware of its history. Fifty years after the last gin production left Camden Lock, this past industrial glory has now been unearthed and reinvigorated.

Half Hitch Gin - The Gin Stall
Half Hitch Gin


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